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I too love a bouquet of fresh flowers. They can be a quick-pick-me-up and put a smile on your face.

Roses, carnations, orchids and more can bring joy joined with a quick short cut meal.

There's lots of designer recipes on this site, so please check it out.


That calories aren't always the cause of gaining weight. It's the carbs that add up and add pounds. Yes, the potato which is a simple carb, sustained the hard working people who died due to the potato famine. This little jewel, filled with potassium and nutriments, saved lives.

HOWEVER, since the average person doesn't toil in the soil, excessive walking or exercising, potatoes should be eaten in moderation.


If carbohydrates are high, they turn into glycogen, which converts to sugar, which is attributed to raising the dial on your scale.

Balanced carbs like beans, nuts, lentils, veggies and more--SCORE!

Starches, candy, sugars, even pastas are high in carbs. OMIT! and don't have a fit.

Please take care of yourself, and keep on cookin'.

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