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I really enjoy following Lisa because she shows me how easy it is to whip up simple recipies, and especially to make extra for my work lunches.  It’s saving me a lot of money to cook up more than one dish at a time and have meals with no prep for  days.  When I come home tired it’s nice to know there’s something already to go even for dinner and I can enjoy my wine right away! Thanks Lisa!



My dear Lisa, what a beautifully written piece of real life literature. Your pognant, sensitive and heartfelt relations about how you and your family engaged in the tragedy of your late husband diagnosis of Early-On-Set Alhemizers. Your words convey the core of human experience and how we can choose to recover from sadness. Your website exhibits the continued gift of sharing super recipes that keep on giving. I love your shrimp salad recipe.



My experiences with the Shortcut Cook have been epicurean, economical and entertaining. My friends and I have used several recipes from Lisa’s treasure trove of treats and always had success on many levels. The recipes are easy to follow, quick and easy. Most importantly they are always amazingly delicious. We find it easiest to manage our budget, ensure no excessive left overs and know we will have good results with new menus. Read her book, Good Grief Cooking, for some entertaining stories as you explore Tried and True adventures with food in your kitchen.



I can't believe I bumped into you on the groups page of our neighborhood, because honest to goodness, I was just thinking of your old TV show. A quick note to say how much I used to laugh and enjoy the old SCC and glad to see you are filming and will definitely be watching.



Lisa, I want to thank you for your creative, funny, and easy recipes!  Though I’ve been a cook professionally in years past, I’m so darn tired now and am uninspired to cook anything after work.  Your recipes and friendship forged through these simple, quick, and funny videos  have inspired these bones, I’m cooking more again, and you use so few items to make any of your recipes.  Thank you!


Thank you for following up with me and my apologies, I did read over your email numerous times. You brought me great peace and comfort by sending it. Things can get busy around here so fully collecting my thoughts most portions of the day is very unrealistic. Once again it was a great blessing to hear back from you.


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