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Get to know Lisa

I was very young when I realized I wanted to help others. It all began with kids calling my "Lisping Lisa:, I had a speech impediment, and the kids couldn't pass up a chance to tease me. I attended Catholic Grammar and High School, an as a freshman, this one special nun, saw that I was being bullied. She took on the challenge of helping me improve my speech. Her unique method, was a success. With much practice, my speech impediment slowly disappeared. I would take that experience, and learned to help others through their trials.

I married my childhood sweetheart at just barely 20 years old. We had our first child when I was 22 and second when I was 24. In my late twenties, I went back to school and earned my teaching credential.

My first job was most appropriate. I taught life skills to mentally ill teens and adults. The first day in my new position, the counselors and doctors said "They had never had anyone fit in the first day as well as I had". What I noticed most about my students, is they were hungry and wanted to eat now.

It was on the job training that led to my next career.


My cooking skills were honed, and I earned the name “Short Order Cook.” I ran with the idea of producing a TV show called The ShortCut Cook™, easy to digest, and invited my long-time friend to assist with the production.

We aired carried on cable, and produced a live-to-tape show with no cutting, editing... nada. What you saw was “A real cook for real people.” The show aired eight years.

We even wrote a book “Beat The Clock Cooking” and were featured on the Home Shopping Network and QVC. It was a privilege.

When my husband was 50, I could tell something was happening to his memory. We went to doctor after doctor. He was diagnosed with many different mental disorders: Bi-polar, Depression, ADHD... you name it, he had it.

Sadly, the kitchen door closed for The ShortCut Cook™ television show. My new full-time job was “now a full-time Caregiver.” Richard's career was a Firefighter. He was 54 years old when diagnoised with Early-Set Alzheimer's Disease. I was so devastated, my heart was breaking.

For the next 4 years, our family managed together, but it became obvious that extra assistance was deperately needed.

My lifetime, loving partner, passed away eight years later.


Lisa's Family with Lulu the rescue dog.


Good Grief Cooking is Now Sold Out

Although, heavy ladled with sadness, I had to face my grief, and even embrace it. I had loved so much, and it came at a cost, called Lost.

I joined grief groups, talked with clergy, and professional counselors. However, I couldn't just swallow my grief, I had to process each bite.

But, out of the sadness, the Short Cut Cook emerged once again, and began cooking on all four burners. I was inspired to write a cookbook called "Good Grief Cooking."

Now, we have entered 2020, and I see so many people that need help in the kitchen. This is especially poinant during our health crisis. So, I'm happy to say that the ShortCut Cook™ is back and here to stay! Tune in to my YouTube Channel to watch, as I help you take the easy way out of the kitchen. Please subscribe. Don't forget to check out my yummy recipes, just a click away.

You can download the overview below.

Lisa and her friend Tony.png

Lisa & her friend Tony

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