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Carbs Count

I really want to talk about losing weight. How do we process carbohydrates? When you purchase food items, check the calories, and the Nutritional facts on the back of each item. Are carbs over the top? That means if you have 15 carbs per unit, protein should be in balance, like 10 grams of protein. Simple carbs turn to glycogen/sugar, and cause blood sugars to rise and add extra poundage. Many of the recipes on my site were created to keep the carbs low.

What food choices are high in protein?

1. eggs

2. meats, poultry, fish, nuts, cheese

3. yogurt and some milks

What choices are in a balanced carb?

1. beans, legumes,

2. vegetables-the color green seems to have the least amount of carbs. Like

bell peppers, zucchini's, broccoli, brussel sprouts, asparagus, lettuces, mushrooms and

some squash, have crabs similar to zucchini.

3. peanut butter

What choices are high in carbohaytares?

1. processed foods

2. Ice cream

3. cookies, candy, potato chips, sugar, honey,

soft drinks, bread, cracker, jams, potatoes and fruit products,

cereals and pastas. (That one hurts)

What folks really need to eat high carbohydrate foods? Those who:

1. work out for hours a day

2. physical work that demands lots of energy

3. athletes

4. field workers


With food costs skyrocketing, proteins are the most expensive. SO--Beans, lentels, eggs,

and veggies maybe the least costly. Yes, eggs are on the rise, but buy bulk, and spend less.

If need be, sign up at your local food bank. This helps some.

Did you know that the Ireland potato blight took 2 million lives?

I stated above that carbs count, why did 2 million people die?

Many folks in Ireland toiled in the fields to sustain life. potato were a necessary stable to

most of the population. BECAUSE, they needed that rich source of potassium, vitamins and

carb loaded potatoes to sustain their laborous life style. Today for some, it's still and essential.

Any questions, sign-up and e-mail me.

Chow Bella

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