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Hello! I'm new to YouTube!

I'm a retired teacher and my passion was teaching life-skills to students with mental health issues. I produced and hosted The ShortCut Cook television show, and recently wrote and published "Good Grief Cooking". I share my personal journey with overcoming grief. My sanctuary was the kitchen, where I simmered my troubles away. Yes, I'm a real cook for real people.

So,--- wash your hands, clean the counters, and get ready to cook your ass off. In this video I am giving a few short tips on how to help make food "Fun, fast and healthy." Here's some ideas on what I'm stirring up during this shelter-in place. Salmon, wild caught from the USA makes a short-cut cook meal in minutes. It's heart healthy, and a good source of nutrients. We all need to make wise food choices in order to beat the heck out of this virus.

Thank you for watching and hope you enjoy.


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