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Antipasto, Italian Style

This so easy to make appetizer, will grace any dinner table. I always make this fabulous dish for Christmas.

It’s a precursor to a traditional Italian meal. It’s so easy—you’ll fall in love!


1 tbs. olive oil

8oz. cans tomato sauce

6oz. can Italian white tuna in oil

32oz. jar of Italian mix vegetables - drained and cut bite size

2 fresh carrots. sliced thin-precook in microwave

5oz. Spanish olives, drained

4oz. small, whole marinated mushrooms

5oz. cocktail onions

1 tsp. sugar

2 tbs. capers

Add oil to large skillet and add tomato sauce. Bring to simmer and add all the above ingredients.

Heat through for about 5 minutes.

Remove from stovetop, let cool. You can refrigerate.

Perfect (make-ahead recipe)

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